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FAMILY ORIENTED  Greece is a wise choice for your family’s vacation because it is a society where children are the center of household attention.   Resident or foreign, children of any nationality are adored and doted over in this child-friendly country.

QUALITY FAMILY TIME At home everyone tends to be running in different directions, but Greeks have a “go slow” approach to life known as “siga siga.”  Adapting to this tempo, your family will share in a land with spectacular scenery, a charming culture and glorious historical treasures.

SAFETY  Greece provides a safe environment for children in hotels, on the streets, at the sea.   Outside major cities, crime is practically non-existent.  If you get lost walking or exploring don’t worry about making a wrong turn into the wrong part of town – there is really no such thing as a dangerous neighborhood in Greece.

MEALS  Even the fussiest young eater adopts a favorite Greek food and ends up ordering it over and over to test all its variations.  Souvlaki (chicken, beef or pork) is usually a winner, but there’s plenty of pasta and pizza, too.   Kids with more adventurous palates swoon over kalamari (which sounds better in Greek than squid does in English), eating it grilled, sautéed, breaded, fried or stuffed.  Apart from the delicious healthy cuisine, parents will appreciate the abundance of fine Greek wines to enhance every meal.

INSURANCE  Travel insurance is mandatory for family tours with children under 18. You must purchase a full coverage policy for all family members, or provide proof of medical coverage applicable in Greece. We are official agents of TravelGuard and can book an insurance policy for you or provide a policy quote if you are an American citizen.

DISCOUNTS  A 20% discount on tour prices applies to children under twelve years old.

FAMILY ACCOMMODATIONS  The choice of where you stay is key to a successful family vacation.  From the diverse hotels, pensions and villas we patronize, our goal is to choose one that best suits your family’s needs, safety and comfort level.

Families with children ages 3-6   Your family stays in one stationary spot in one region in a luxury resort with child-friendly amenities. . The resort has playgrounds and children-oriented activities. Resorts have family rooms with one double and one or two twin beds.  Parents rely on the child-care services to have time together alone.

Families with children ages 7-12   Your family stays in two resorts in two different regions, enabling you to see more of Greece. The children participate with their parents in leisure and outdoors activities (hiking, biking, snorkeling) to the extent capable. Resorts have family rooms with one double and one or two twin beds.  Parents rely on the child-care services to have time together alone.

Families with children teen-agers 13-17   Children in this age group are able to participate in most of the same activities as their parents do. Accommodations range from resorts to boutique hotels to country inns to private villas. The tour travels to multiple destinations.  Depending on the number of children in your family, suites or adjacent double rooms are available.

Families with mixed age children  If your family has, for example, a 5 year old and two teen-agers, adjustments must be made to accommodate different needs. Only resorts and luxury hotels offer caretaking services, so this limits some destinations. It is in the family’s discretion how they want the itinerary to be managed by our team and to let us know any special requirements.

Your Personalized Family Tour

Trust our team to create an itinerary uniquely suited for your family.


Name Region Type Duration
SARONIC FAMILY CYCLING Peloponnese Biking, Sightseeing 8 Days
CASTLES FOR KIDS Rhodes, Kos Leisure, Sightseeing 8 Days
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