Greece’s Greatness

Aegean Adventures is your host for exploring Greece’s treasures. Our mission is to introduce you to Greece’s sacred sites, cultural traditions and natural beauty so that you, too, will cherish its heroic legacy and regard it as an inspiration for future generations.

This blessed land, a true world heritage site, is one of those celestial places on the planet where mankind once reached up and captured stars. The greatness and monumental creativity of the ancients demands eternal recognition — indeed, emulation.

Visiting Greece connects you to its epic history, your history, and coupled with the modern Greek’s contagious enjoy-the-moment lifestyle, together hey account for the reason that the foreign traveler feels at peace in Greece, at home in a certain sense.

Client Supremacy

The most important element on an Aegean Adventures tour is client happiness. It is our pleasurable responsibility to ensure that your vacation in Greece, on a scale of 1 to 10, ranks 10 in fun and momentous memories, 10 in rest and rejuvenation and 10 in cultural illumination.

Our guided tours tend to be fairly all inclusive, so once you book your tour and flight, except for meals, your wallet is pretty much off-duty. That’s the point: you relax while we ensure quality service of your daily needs — comfortable accommodations, fabulous food, an entertaining itinerary.

Our team is not alone in striving to satisfy your expectations to have a glorious time in Greece. We are working in tandem with an entire nation! Greeks practically invented the word hospitality whose Greek translation means “friend of strangers.” The Greek people will always make you feel welcome in Greece.

Sustainable Greece

Nowadays, thoughtful travelers seek a meaningful vacation experience with their chosen destination. They look for an intimacy with the land and people. These desires coincide with the needs of low impact travel in ways that benefit the guest and the host.

Aegean Adventures offers low impact tours that expose you to the authentic Greece lifestyle. We focus on the rural areas and islands, staying in traditional accommodations, eating fresh, healthy local farmers’ foods and pursuing regional events and traditions — in short, supporting the environment and culture of the local people.

We patronize village enterprises, such as, the small shop owner, hotelier, winemaker or bakery. Our active tours — cycling, hiking, walking and sailing — promote eco-friendly locomotion. Small-sized tour groups mean small footprints in nature preserves or at protected ancient ruins. Aegean Adventures’ clients appreciate these types of tour operator policies whereby the foreign guest plays an active role in preserving elements that make Greece so original and endearing to the global community.

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