People travel in groups with who they know and other times with folks they may not know and are getting to know.

Aegean Adventures handles all types of groups.   We work with travel agents, CLIA agents, congress organizers and destination management companies.

Aegean Adventures creates custom-made itineraries to suit the group’s profile with an attractive array of active and leisure activities to choose from.    Alternatively, examine any tour in our web pages and we can convert it to a group tour that suits your party’s numbers, expectations and specifications.


A popular reason groups travel together is because the members want to share special events with friends and colleagues:

  • a fiftieth birthday
  • a wedding anniversary
  • an alumni reunion,
  • company’s yearly retreat,
  • a private club’s members-only vacation.

Groups with members familiar to each other are looking for guaranteed good times.  They are attracted to Greece because this land is a true world class playground.


A popular type of group travel is Aegean Adventures’ scheduled tours open to the public.  These non-customized tours have certain features.

  • set dates
  • set itinerary
  • set cost
  • set inclusions
  • tour leader accompanying the group
  • vehicle support for land-based tours

Travelers sign up for a scheduled tour for convenience, care and comfort.  Our duty is to attend to these logistical details.  Your duty is to have fun.

Cameraderie is another reason to join a scheduled tour to meet new people with shared interests. On a scheduled tour it is not unusual to make life long friends and you may share future vacations together.


The corporate or professional client comes to Greece for business purposes, such as an industry conference or convention or expo.   The attendees are looking for R & R (rest and recreation) before, during or after their engagement and that is where Aegean Adventures is involved.  Our role is to provide relief from professional duties on free time.

Corporate gatherings take place in Greece because it is an established fact that Greece is a world class destination.  Companies calculate that if they hold their event in a land where everyone vows, “Greece is on my bucket list,” they will secure higher attendance ratings.  And Greece never fails to deliver.

We collaborate with congress organizers and destination management companies to provide active and leisure activities for day tours or multi-day tours.   The diversity of so many corporate events happening in Greece from every imaginable profession, trade and industry requires a tour company that offers a wide range of tour topics.  Aegean Adventures satisfies this demand with an extensive and diverse product line of tours.

A most welcome venue for corporate socializing is a day sail on our traditional wooden yachts accommodating up to 30 passengers, or several yachts, for larger groups, to create a regatta.  Our Sunset Dinner Cruise lasts three hours with fine food and drinks served on board.   In the intimate atmosphere of a slow moving yacht, corporate clients enjoy their colleagues’ company in a thoroughly relaxed setting.

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