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Only one or two generations ago everyone walked in Greece.   Donkeys were more prominent than cars.  This slow motion locomotion left a legacy of miles and miles of footpaths in Greece today.   Many of these paths are tried and true and still used by locals.  Others, however, fell out of use and were unkempt but younger Greeks are claiming them back, fixing them up, making them viable again.

We present our guests with four marvelous hikes as indicative of the type of walks and hikes available in Greece from our team.   There are harder routes to climb if you wish, and easier ones, too.  We have many in our back pocket waiting for you to ask us to show you the way.


Name Region Type Duration
CYCLADES DONKEY PATHS Andros, Mykonos, Naxos, Santorini Culture, History, Food & Wine 8 days
KRITI COASTLINE Southwest Crete Culture 8 days
DAZZLING ZAGORIA North Greece Culture 8 days
HIKE SANTORINI Santorini Culture, Food & Wine 5 days
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